Historical Background

POSH Italy is a company founded on the Made in Italy tradition. Passion and dedication generate an inimitable experience.

POSH is an Anglo-Saxon term used to define something elitist, exclusive, expensive, luxurious and especially unique. The most popular story tells that the term 'Posh' derives from the legend of 'port out, home starboard' presumably printed on the passenger tickets of P&O (Peninsula and East) passenger ships traveling between the United Kingdom and India at the time of Raj.

Another version says that PO and SH were scribbled on the logs of the steamers by the sailors, to better organize themselves during the assignment of the cabins. So the best and most coveted places were POSH. A plausible and attractive explanation that would be nice to be able to confirm. The POSH cabin ensured that those who were able to afford the costs could be viewed from on board. Those were crazy times in which the super rich could have access not to a cabin but an apartment, with an adjoining small accommodation for the private servants they brought with them.

Inspired by this little piece of history is the essential principle of our work: to offer an excellent, sublime product that amazes our customers.

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